Charlotte Davis Burns Science Resource Center

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Science and Resource Center Building


The mission of the Charlotte Davis Burns Science Resource Center is to support and enrich the science program in Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. so that our graduates will achieve the goal of scientific literacy. 


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VIPS/Help Wanted

The Charlotte Burns Science Resource Center provides support to science teachers and students throughout the district and at all grade levels with:

  • Special demonstrations to nurture curiosity and stimulate interest and motivation. The SRC provides training to the volunteers who facilitate the activities.
  • Hands-on lab activities to develop problem-solving skills.


Volunteer help is needed in the following areas:

  • scheduled deliveries of materials to schools
  • lab kit prep - cut, count and bag materials for lab kits used in science classrooms
  • gardening - our many gardens are constantly in need of weeding
  • field trips - assist with Animal Odyssey, Gulf Mysteries, EcoAdventure and for 3rd & 5th grade nature trails
  • Demo Training (To Be Announced)
  • Donations/Materials Needed
  • Big Events (These dates may change due to a variety of circumstances.  Please call the school to confirm.)
  • SRC Calendar (To be announced)


Field Trips  

Animal Odyssey - Each school may schedule a 2 hour teacher led field trip for kindergarten students. The students visit stations to learn characteristics of fish, reptiles, birds and small mammals and will see live examples of each. Volunteers may be trained to assist teachers at the station of their choice.

Gulf Mysteries – This field trip for the 1st graders is run by teachers in which students explore the Gulf of Mexico and learn about its inhabitants. Plants and animals living in this ocean environment have many interesting adaptations that allow their needs to be met. Students will also identify various ways living organisms depend upon each other and the environment. Volunteer training is not required.

EcoAdventure - This field trip for the 2nd graders run by teachers and teaches the students about different habitats and the plants and animals found in each one. The students will make a variety of plant and animal models to take home with them. Volunteer training is not required.

3rd Grade Nature Trails –Simple Machines - Every 3rd grader visits the nature trails to learn about simple machines and participate in environmental activities. Each group will have hands on activities with inclined planes, levers, pulleys and wheel and axle, and then also learn to use the compass and to navigate through 6 stations. Volunteers are needed to help facilitate the activities.

5th Grade Nature Trails – Every 5th grader visits the nature trails to participate in a variety of environmental activities. Volunteers are trained to help facilitate the activities.

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