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Schoology Webinar - Spanish video

Prepare for the first day of school!
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What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) which allows learning to go beyond the walls of the campus and classroom.  It allows teachers to connect with their students and parents.  CFISD Schoology is a student’s virtual classroom.


Schoology in CFISD

Every teacher.  Every student.  Every parent. Everywhere.

CFISD Schoology is an online platform that will be utilized in the classroom, in the home and ANYWHERE else a device can get an internet connection.

Students will have one central location where they can go to get their CFISD curriculum and assessment needs met.  Schoology can be accessed when students are on campus or at home on any device that can connect to the internet.  The experience for a student is the same regardless of where they are accessing the Learning Management System.

The Schoology APP, available for iOS and Android devices, provides students with the ability to access the lesson content and materials to read, listen to and watch right from their smart phones. 

Finally, students will be able to participate in discussions and collaborate with teachers and students regardless of where they are accessing the Schoology platform.

Prepare for the first day of school!
Login to Schoology ~ [Español]

Parents will have an easy platform where they can communicate with teachers and the ability to link all of their students with one CFISD parent account will remove the need for multiple logins and passwords.  The Schoology APP is available for parents as well.  It allows parents to monitor their student’s progress and communicate with teachers while on-the-go.

Teachers will have one central location where they can provide students with access to all CFISD curriculum.  Schoology is a platform where teachers can collaborate and plan, simplifying communication between administrators and curriculum teams.  Teachers will easily be able to provide opportunities for student collaboration and engaging interactive assignments. And most importantly, it will provide a place where teachers can easily communicate with students in real-time.

“I love how links opened directly in Schoology.  A one stop shop!”

                                                                       - CFISD Summer School Teacher

“I love the assessments in Schoology.  It is easy to see what students understand and don’t understand so I can give them effective feedback.”             - CFISD Summer School Teacher

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