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Cypress-Fairbanks ISD makes some areas of our school buildings available for rent to IRS non-profit community groups. The items listed below are necessary for scheduling non-school events in our facilities:

To schedule events at the Berry Center, please call 281-894-3900, and ask for the Event Coordinator.



Use of school facilities must be paid for as invoiced, usually in advance. Several factors determine the cost of renting school district facilities. Click on the appropriate link below to see a chart of rental rates. These rates are subject to revision at any time. Call the Facilities Use Department for the most current rate schedule:

General Guidelines

CFISD School Board Policy has restricted some activities on school property in an effort to maintain our buildings and preserve them for the purposes intended, as well as to uphold certain standards for our students and our community. All school board policies, community regulations, and local, state and federal laws must be followed at all times.

  • Facilities are not available to individuals or groups for the purpose of fundraising or making a profit.
  • Most facility use requires district supervision. The cost of this is included in the hourly rate schedules provided above.
  • Athletic events and usage involving physical activity must take place in athletic facilities, not in cafeterias, hallways, etc.
  • Activities involving school-aged participants are not permitted in school facilities on the day prior to STAAR tests, regardless of the grade level being tested.
  • Elementary schools are not available for use on school days until 6:45 p.m., due to the district’s after-school childcare program.
  • District facilities and grounds will not be available to non-District groups for public demonstrations, rallies, or political events.
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are permitted on school property, including outdoor areas.
  • No open fires are permitted on district property, including cooking fires.


Who is eligible to rent one of your facilities?

All non-school groups utilizing our buildings must be IRS non-profit organizations that are based in and serve the residents of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. In addition, membership of youth-oriented groups must be made up of at least 80% CFISD residents. Athletic facilities are available only to youth-oriented groups. Facilities are not available to individuals and are not to be used for fundraising purposes, whether non-profit or for-profit.

What areas of your school buildings are available to outside (non-school) groups?

Cafeteria/commons areas, high school & middle school gyms, middle school football fields and pools are the areas most often rented by our community. Each of these types of facilities has different policies associated with it and policies may differ from school to school. Teaching theatres may be made available for certain activities on a limited basis. Areas that are not available are administrative offices, libraries or resource centers, shops and laboratories, most classroom areas, high school campus football fields, and other areas as deemed necessary.

Can I just call my neighborhood school to request the use of a facility?

Due to policies that must be followed, paperwork that needs to be completed, and departments that need to be notified, you are asked to notify the Facilities Use Manager with your building use requests. The only exceptions to this rule are certain events of organizations directly chartered by the school, i.e. PTO events, Boy Scout & Girl Scout regular weekly/monthly meetings.

How do we get the insurance policy that the district requires for use of your facilities?

Contact your insurance agent with the INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS listed on this website. Some athletic organizations such as AAU may have this type of insurance available through your membership with them. All certificates of insurance must list Cy-Fair ISD as the certificate holder.

Can I use your facilities to have a fundraising event?

Our school facilities are not to be used for fundraising by non-district groups, regardless of whether the event is for charity or is benefiting a non-profit group. Small concession areas are allowed only for certain events with prior approval.

How much advance notice is necessary to reserve a facility?

Requests for building use should be received by this office no later than two weeks prior to your event. Time is needed to contact and verify availability with the school, schedule custodians and other workers that need to be on duty, and complete paperwork in a timely manner so that all necessary departments can be notified.

Is it possible to rent a high school auditorium?

Auditoriums are in constant use during the school year, not only by our drama and music students, but also for school and district meetings, parent nights, awards nights and other school events; therefore, they are not available to outside groups during and immediately prior to the school year. We have set aside the month in June and the first two weeks of July as a time when auditoriums may be rented for such activities as dance and music recitals and large meetings. It is required that district auditorium personnel be on duty at all times during these events and that equipment be operated only by designated district personnel. Call the Facilities Use Manager for estimated costs of auditorium use.

Can I reserve one of the open or unfenced fields for my team’s practices?

Most open areas and courts on our school grounds are available for public use during non-school hours. They can be utilized for the purposes for which they are intended on a first-come first-served basis. We do not schedule these areas. Groups who use any school property must follow all school district policies. Please do not use fields or grounds that display signs restricting certain activities, even if the area is not fenced. These signs are our attempt to solve issues pertaining to protection of surrounding homes, grounds conditions, etc.

Why are your facilities closed to all youth on the day before STAAR testing?

The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD School Board, administration, staff, and community place a high priority on our students’ educational success. Closing our facilities to youth activities on the evenings prior to STAAR testing encourages our students to come to school well-rested and prepared to do their very best work. Because youth sports, meetings, and events often affect the schedule of the whole family in addition to the participants, we close the buildings to all school-age children, regardless of the grade levels being tested the next day.

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